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Chrome and Stainless Polish
Chrome and Stainless Polish
Ref : 82708NP
Description : Chrome and Stainless Restorer/Protector
Content : 237 ml
Units per case : 6
Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 1,7 Kg
Gencod : 0 71247 82708 8
Topics :
. Cleans and shines chrome and stainless steel surfaces
. Protects against pitting, discoloration, staining and/or rusting
. Easy to use. Wipe on, wipe off formula . Resists salt and water spray
. Bonds to metal for long lasting protection
. Leaves a dazzling shine
Direction :
Shake bottle weil be- fore using. Meta/ shou/d be dry before pol/shing. Applyw/th a clean, dry cloth ta a small area at a time. Rub weil wh/le polish is weI ta remove sur- face rust, dirt and grime. Star br/te Chrome & Sta/nfess Poiish wjll quickly dry ta a hale. Wipe off hale using a fresh c/ean, dry clotho For best results, apply a second coatwithin 10 ta 30 days. Two ap- plications provide a tough, durable shield against rust, corro- sion, grease, grime and dirt.
Contafns 15 ta 30% Aliphatic hydro- carbons, less than 5% anionic surfactant.
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